Remove Pop-Ups is a fake website, which uses misleading messages and pop-ups. Its goal is to fool users into believing that their PC has a virus on it. Of course, scams like this one have higher goals than to just scare visitors. Often, they end up promoting technical support services that charge hundreds of dollars, but is different. Instead of promoting rogue support services, it tries to convince visitors to download a security application. Although the pop-up claims to come from Norton Security, you can be sure that the popular antivirus vendor has nothing to do with this website. Scammers run, and use it to promote shady downloads.

The Pop-Ups says that the victim is infected by multiple viruses and that their personal information is at risk of being stolen. It advises the user to press 'Proceed…' to learn what they need to do next. If you accept to follow the instructions, will try to convince you to download an installer for an unknown antivirus product. We assure you that you should not accept – you may end up downloading malware, rogue antivirus software, or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.)

Fake antivirus reports are one of the most popular tricks that online scammers use. You should never believe random Web pages asking you to check your computer for malware. These are always fake, and you should not trust anything they say. If you recall installing any software that offered, then you might have an intrusive app on your system. You should run an anti-malware application that is reliable and up-to-date to check for potentially harmful software.

September 3, 2021