Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups

popups ads adware, or More*.biz, is a collection of misleading Web pages, which you may come across because of online ads, pop-ups, and redirects. The good news is that users rarely see this content because of adware or browser hijackers. Instead, they are likely to see it because they visit low-quality websites. These include pages hosting pirated content, illegal streaming services, game cracks, etc. Some of the URLs of the websites are,,, etc. it seems that the con artists behind this scam are using dozens of pages to scam users.

What is the Goal of

These pages appear to focus on hijacking browser notifications. They try to do this by displaying misleading information for the user to read. For example, they may claim to host a mandatory anti-robot check. Allegedly, users must pass it in order to access the content they are trying to view. According to the websites, users can do this by pressing 'Allow' on their screen. However, interacting with this prompt will result in a different change. It subscribes you to's notifications, and commands your Web browser to allow them.

Seeing these notifications is not a critical concern, but it can be a rather annoying issue to encounter. Not only is's content intrusive, but it may also expose you to other scams and potentially harmful pages or software. We advise against following any of the links you come across because of the notifications. To limit these notifications, you should block the website's content. Learn how to stop annoying notifications in Web browsers to easily prevent sites like from hijacking your notifications.

October 6, 2021