Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a deceptive website, which may show up in your Web browser when you visit shady websites. The goal of is to trick you into subscribing to its notifications by displaying misleading prompts and alerts. For example, it may urge you to click 'Allow' to enable a download or to play a video clip – however, there is no such content hosted on The 'Allow' button commands your browser to show notifications from Because of this change, you will start seeing tens of intrusive notifications originating from this page – their content is not trustworthy, and you should avoid the links they promote.

The notifications often promote scams, fraudulent products/services, and other deceptive content. Never follow links found in random browser notifications that come from non-trustworthy notifications. If notifications are bothering you, you should use our guide on How to Stop Annoying Notifications in Web Browsers to resolve the issue.

June 1, 2021