Remove Pop-Ups

FBI Warns of Phishing Pages Over HTTPS is a fake website impersonating an error message from Apple. It is designed to look like a legitimate Apple website, and it contains the company's branding. Furthermore, it contains a message at the bottom, saying 'Detected by Apple.' But what does this site claim to detect? According to iOS users who stumbled upon it, it informs them that there is dangerous malware on their device. Allegedly, this will result in corruption of the phone's memory, data theft, and other significant issues.

Users often end up having their device redirect them to because they browse low-quality website. Seeing this page's contents randomly can be very worrisome, because it claims to contain information about critical security issues and potential threats. The good news is that is a fraudulent page, which scammers use to promote malicious content.

The goal of this con is to get users to click a link that says Remove Viruses. Allegedly, this is supposed to provide the user with access to software that will help to scan and clean their device. However, we assure you that will not help you do this. In fact, the software it promotes could turn out to cost money to use, or it might be a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that causes other issues. Also, do not forget that all of's messages regarding viruses are fake – there is no malware on your device. If you encounter this page's pop-ups, you should ignore them and leave the website immediately. To avoid seeing such content in the future, you should stick to browsing credible websites.

October 12, 2021