How to Remove the Ielock Ransomware

vegalocker ransomware

Ielock Ransomware is a variant of the GlobeImposter Ransomware, and it encrypts files on computers that are run by Windows OS to prevent victims from accessing them. It then displays a message that demands the victim to pay $500 in order to get the access to their files back. However, security experts warn users that it's unlikely that they will get what they're promised if they pay the demanded money. It is one of the most recent variants of the GlobeImposter Ransomware, and it works in a very similar way. Even though it hasn’t been around for long, security analysts have already observed it being used to target unsuspecting users. The malware is distributed through spam emails and it is usually disguised as a harmless archive or document.

The '.ielock' is used to mark locked files, and the full ransom message is called 'how_to_back_files.html.' It says that Bitcoin is the only type of payment that the criminals accept, and they should send a message to or for additional assistance.

As mentioned above, seeking help from the criminals is not recommended due to the risk of getting scammed. Instead, run an antivirus scanner to terminate the Ielock Ransomware, and then work with popular data recovery software to try and restore your files. Unfortunately, a free decryptor for the Ielock Ransomware or other GlobeImposter variants is not available.

April 28, 2021

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