How to Remove the LegionLocker Ransomware

The LegionLocker Ransomware is another threat that users must try to keep out of their computer. This threat is able to encrypt a long list of file formats and, unfortunately, it is unlikely that users will be able to take advantage of a free decryption tool. The files that the LegionLocker Ransomware damages will have a new suffix added to their original name. For example, the 'document.xlsx' file will be called 'document.xlsx.Legion' post-encryption. The authors of this ransomware claim to have the ability to unlock the damaged files, but they will only provide this service to victims who send some Bitcoins to their wallet.

The exact amount of money that LegionLocker Ransomware's creators is ask for is $50, but we would not advise you to pay them. There is no guarantee that you will get your files if you pay up. They also provide the email address, as well as instructions on how to register a Mail2tor mailbox.

If the LegionLocker Ransomware has damaged your files, you should disregard the message of the attackers. Instead, run a reputable antivirus tool to remove the malicious application, and then try to restore your data from a backup or by using the best data recovery software available online.

April 16, 2021

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