How to Remove Urnb Ransomware

The Urnb Ransomware is a variation of the STOP family of file-lockers. Unfortunately, it has the ability to cause potentially permanent damage to the files of the victims and leaves them with very limited data recovery options. Currently, there is no free way to decrypt the files locked by the Urnb Ransomware – the best choice for victims of this file-locker is to restore the lost data from a backup or to try out some of the most popular data recovery tools and methods.

The Urnb Ransomware may be delivered to victims via fake downloads, torrents, pirated media, and other dubious content. Users who do not use sufficient anti-malware protection may have no chance to stop Urnb Ransomware's attack because this malware will work silently in the background to ensure that it causes the maximum amount of damage before it announces its presence. Some of the changes that Urnb Ransomware brings are adding the suffix '.urnb' to locked files, as well as creating the ransom message '_readme.txt.'

Victims of the Urnb Ransomware are told to pay a ransom fee of $490 to the attackers. They are also offered to provide 1-2 files for free decryption by mailing them to or However, it is not recommended to consider paying the ransom fee because you will probably end up getting scammed. Many ransomware victims had their money stolen after paying the ransom fee, and they never got a decryptor.

If the Urnb Ransomware has caused damage to your files, you should remember that trusting the attackers is a mistake. Instead, run an antivirus tool to remove the malware and then look for other data recovery options.

April 9, 2021

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