Remove Robm Ransomware

Robm Ransomware is a file-locker of the STOP/Djvu family. It applies a strong encryption to files, and then extorts the victim for money. Unfortunately, recovering files is not an easy task, because the Robm Ransomware uses a nearly flawless file-locking mechanism. You cannot use a free decryption tool to get the files back, and the criminals claim to be in possession of the only recovery solution.

The Robm Ransomware attack is recognizable by the '.robm' extension that the threat applies to files it locks. It then creates the ransom message '_readme.txt' on the desktop. In the meantime, the malicious program may further limit your file recovery options by disabling the System Restore service, and deleting Shadow Volume Copies.

Robm Ransomware

According to the criminals, victims have to pay a ransom fee of $490. They also warn them that this price is only valid for 72 hours – it will be doubled after this. The criminals also ask for a Bitcoin payment, which is not uncommon when talking about ransomware attacks. Last but not least, they list two emails for contact – and If the Robm Ransomware takes over your files, you should use an up-to-date anti-malware tool to terminate the file-locker. After you do this, you should explore alternative data recovery tools and options.

November 29, 2021