Avoid Freesamplesprousa.com Pop-Ups

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Freesamplesprousa dot com is an untrustworthy web page that will attempt to harvest user information and coax the visitor into allowing push notifications.

The way freesamplesprousa dot com us set up, it is very easy to believe the setup and fall for it. The website will display an image of an array of perfume bottles and other jars of assorted cosmetic products, slapping a brand name pulled from a pool of hugely popular brands including Sephora and Victoria's Secret. The page has nothing to do with those huge brand names and is only abusing their names to lure visitors.

The main lure on

the page is an email entry box. Visitors are promised "free samples" of the expensive brand products if they just submit their email addresses in the form. Of course, submitting your email will only lead to it being fed to the entity operating freesamplesprousa dot com. The email can later be resold to advertisers and mailing lists and submitting it will likely lead to months, if not years of unsolicited spam mail in your inbox.

Additionally, the website shows a dialog box asking the visitor to allow notifications. Doing this will lead to your browser displaying unwanted pop-up ads, some of which may contain links to potentially dangerous pages that can lead to further malware infection.

Pages such as freesamplesprousa dot com are best avoided. If you follow a banner ad and land on a similar page offering expensive items and rewards, you can safely close the tab, knowing you simply dodged a bait that was intended to phish out personal information from you or inject annoying pop-ups in your browser.