Remove Ehiz Ransomware

Ransomware attacks continue to be the number one threat to the safety of your system and your files. Threats like the Ehiz Ransomware continue to show up on a regular basis and, unfortunately, the majority of them use a flawless file-locking mechanism that cannot be reversed easily. This threat, in particular, is based on the STOP Ransomware family. This means that victims of the Ehiz Ransomware will not have access to a free decryption tool. The only reliable way to restore the files is to recover from a backup or to use alternative data recovery options. The criminals promise to provide a decryptor in exchange for Bitcoin, but we assure you that they are not trustworthy – you risk being scammed if you try paying them.

The Ehiz Ransomware is often delivered on the Internet through fake email messages, fake downloads, shady apps, or other non-trustworthy content. You should never download content from shady and unknown websites. Furthermore, you should rely on a reputable anti-malware application to keep you from threats whenever you are online – this is the best way to stop threats like the Ehiz Ransomware before they cause any trouble.

If this threat is not stopped, it will act just like other variants of the STOP Ransomware. It uses the '.ehiz' extension to mark the names of the files it locks and then creates the '_readme.txt' ransom note. The criminals claim to be selling a decryption service for $490 worth of Bitcoin. They ask the victim to contact them via the emails or for further information or if they have any questions.

Contacting the criminals is not recommended. Instead, run an anti-malware tool to eliminate the malicious software and prevent it from causing more damage. Once the Ehiz Ransomware is gone, you can try running 3rd-party data recovery tools or, even better, try to restore from a backup.

May 25, 2021