Remove XiNo Ransomware

The XiNo Ransomware is a file-locker programmed to encrypt files, and then drop a ransom document that extorts the victims for money. It is based on the Xorist Ransomware project, which, fortunately, means that it may be compatible with free decryption software. Despite this, the XiNo Ransomware is not a threat you want to mess with – it can cause a lot of trouble, and a small modification to its file-locking mechanism may mean that the free Xorist Decryptor will not work.

The XiNo Ransomware is often delivered through fake downloads, malicious emails, and other faulty messages. Users can stay safe from it by not interacting with shady and unknown files, as well as by protecting their system via a reputable antivirus software suite.

The XiNo Ransomware will mark the files it locks by using the '.XiNo' suffix, and it creates a ransom note, which asks the victim to pay 0.02 Bitcoin. The criminals also provide a wallet address, as well as the email, which can be used to get in touch with them. You should never accept the offers of ransomware creators. Even if you pay them, there is a minor chance that they will agree to help you. Instead, use an antivirus tool to eliminate the XiNo Ransomware. Once the ransomware is gone, you should run a reputable data recovery software suite to try and restore your data. Furthermore, you can try running the free 'Xorist Decryptor' to try and get your files back.

May 24, 2021

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