Cinemate Adware

popup notifications adware

Cinemate is a Chrome browser extension that also exhibits signs typical for ad-supported software or adware.

Cinemate has the ability to generate and display advertising in the user's browser. This would not be a huge problem if adware didn't often source its ads from rogue ad networks. This means that generated ads may link to potentially unwanted software and misleading websites.

Adware like Cinemate is also often distributed through software bundling, packed inside the same installer with other programs, and installed quietly, often leaving the user clueless about its presence. This type of quiet installation also makes similar programs undesirable, as their presence and installation are not disclosed adequately to the user.

Adware in general is never something you want on your system, as it can both slow down your system and connection by displaying unwanted ads and expose you to links to potentially harmful pages and programs.

By Zaib
June 21, 2022
June 21, 2022