DigitalPaper Adware


DigitalPaper is the name of a Mac app that displays behavior typical for ad-supported software, also known as adware.

The DigitalPaper app will not contribute anything useful to your workflow or browsing experience. Its main purpose is to deliver ads to your system. Those ads, once displayed or interacted with, generate revenue for the application's authors.

Those ads will often slow your connection and can cause overall system slowdowns. However, there is one bigger issue with this. The problem with adware is that a major portion of the ads displayed through the application may be sourced from rogue ad networks.

Similar ads from rogue advertising networks may redirect to malicious, unsafe or misleading pages. Users following similar ad links may be exposed to undesired adult or questionable content. This makes the presence of any sort of adware on the system undesirable.

Applications similar to DigitalPaper are usually easy to get rid of. In most cases, they do not have a persistence mechanism and simply uninstalling them like you would uninstall every other regular app works just fine.

May 25, 2022