What is the 'Booking Offer' Email Scam?

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There is yet another scam making the rounds. The latest effort to infect systems with malware through false emails is called the "Booking offer" email scam and it seems to be targeting hotels, hostels and other entities in the hospitality sector.

The scam is very simple and to the point - it consists of an email message claiming a "family" of several members is making a booking at the targeted entity, sending "booking specification" attached in the email.

The email has an attached file in it, usually an archive file, that contains the malicious payload. This particular campaign seems to be spreading the FormBook infostealer malware. FormBook has a number of data-harvesting and spying capabilities, including a keylogger component and a data exfiltration component, among others.

Keeping an up-to-date anti-malware application installed on your system and rigorously scanning every file you find in your inbox, no matter how legitimate it might seem, is the best way to stay safe from similar threats that are distributed using email attachments.

June 27, 2022