'UNHCR' Email Scam

It is not a secret that online scammers are immoral, and they will not hesitate to exploit the latest tragedies of the world in order to steal money from their victims. Recently, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has given online con artists a new theme to use. Scams like the 'UNHCR' Email Scam aim to convince victims that they can donate to Ukrainian victims of the conflict by sending Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The fake email claims to come from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and it contains instructions on how to send Bitcoin/Ethereum to support the Ukrainian refugees. While it is possible to support such causes via cryptocurrency, you can rest assured that you will never be reached via email. If you encounter an email message asking you to donate to a cause like this, it was most likely sent to you by scammers who are looking to steal money from victims. The 'UNHCR' Email Scam is 100% fake. If you receive it, you should delete it and report the sender. The email address, which the scammers use appear to use is Ukraine.gov.ua@gmail.com.

March 9, 2022