Aytonus.com Scares Users with Fake Warning Messages

Aytonus dot com is a malicious and misleading website that displays fake warning messages to users who land on it. The site is targeting mobile users, specifically iPhone owners, and will display a window, tailored to appear like a system notification from your iPhone, which claims that you have important system "notices".

Under the pop-up, there is a block of scary text, claiming unknown bad actors have "hacked" your device and can now spy on you. This is a simple social engineering trick used by many threat actors that is intended to scare users into following malicious links.

The scary text is followed by several bulleted steps that claim to help with restoring your iPhone to a safe state. Of course, this is all a scam. Following the link below the fake helpful steps will ask for personal information and can lead to your iPhone really being compromised.

The scary hacker warnings are intended to simply get users to try to "fix" the non-existent issues with their phone in a hurry, revealing personally identifiable information without thinking and dropping this information into the hands of the malicious actor operating the domain at Aytonus dot com.

When you see similar pages that claim your iPhone has been hacked, the best thing you can do is to close the browser and never interact with any elements on the misleading page.

May 20, 2022