Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups

You might be redirected to the website because of random online ads and pop-ups. You should know that this website is not trustworthy – it hosts deceptive ads and content, which urge you to press 'Allow' in order to continue browsing or watching a video. If you click this button, however, you will experience a different outcome – you subscribe to the notifications. This change is not dangerous, but it is likely to impact your Web browsing experience negatively. These notifications will appear on a regular basis, and they may often link to shady Web destinations or content. It is best not to interact with them, as it is highly unlikely that they will take you to any important or relevant information.

Is the Spam Dangerous?

Seeing the notifications is not dangerous, but clicking on them might turn out to be – this is why you should ignore their contents. It is not uncommon for these notifications to link to other scams and fake giveaways that harvest personal information. Of course, ignoring the issue will not make the notifications go away. You will need to take care of this task manually, by limiting the permissions of

If you are unsure how to do this, then check out our tips on how to stop annoying notifications in Web browser. The same tutorial can be used to fix notification spam from any website.

November 11, 2021