Remove Pop-Ups is a malicious website, which appears to target primarily iOS and macOS users. However, it is entirely possible that its creators may also have separate pages to go after Android and Windows users. The goal of is to provide visitors with fake information about the health, security, and performance of their device. It does this in order to promote fake optimization and security software, or technical support services. This sort of scam has been around for many years and, unfortunately, online con artists are still rely on it heavily.

Of course, you would not go to manually. This is why the creators of the page are promoting it through online pop-ups and redirects. Typically, you will encounter its content while browsing low-quality sites such as illegal streams, pirated downloads, etc. We advise you to stay away from sites hosting such content if you want to minimize your odds of encountering malware and scams.

Trusting fraudulent Web pages like may expose you to all sorts of suspicious software, including malicious one. In this case, it seems that is promoting different types of software depending on the user's operating system. Allegedly, macOS and iOS users are told to install a 'recommended app' to clean their device immediately. The app often turns out to be a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP,) which provides users with more false information. The end-goal of the scam is to convince the user to pay for the full version of the software product. It is good to remember not to trust random websites informing you about your device's health and security status. These are almost always fake, and their goal is to get you to trust bogus products and services. Ignoring the Pop-Ups is the best thing to do.

October 5, 2021