'New Documents Assigned' Email Scam

The 'New Documents Assigned' Email Scam is a new spam campaign, which delivers malware and phishing pages to users around the world. Both low-level and high-profile cybercriminals rely on email spam to deliver malicious content to their victims. This particular scam does not claim to come from a particular company. It simply informs the user that there are downloadable documents that they need to see.

The catch is that the 'New Documents Assigned' Email Scam does not refer users to a legitimate website. Instead, it may bring them to a fake Google Drive of Office 365 page, which prompts users to enter their login credentials to identify themselves, and unlock the files. However, entering your login credentials in the website that 'New Documents Assigned' Email Scam shows will not enable you to download documents. Instead, you will unknowingly send your username and password to the criminals.

They may then use this to hijack your account, try to compromise other profiles, and spread more spam through your email account. Although the 'New Documents Assigned' Email Scam seems to promote phishing sites at the moment, it may start propagating malware too. You should never trust random websites that ask you to download or view files that you were not expecting to receive. You should never trust these if they do not come from a reputable sender.

What Should Recipients of the 'New Documents Assigned' Email Scam Do?

If you get one of these emails, you should not click on any links inside. The best course of action is to report the sender and then delete the email permanently. Make sure to remember how these scams work in order to be able to avoid them in the future.

September 7, 2021