Mycouponsmart Adware on Mac

Mycouponsmart is the name of a potentially unwanted application that shares features found in both browser hijackers and adware. If you suddenly start seeing a lot of advertising on pages you commonly visit and you never saw ads on them before, you may have Mycouponsmart or a similar browser hijackers on your Mac.

The way you can know for sure the culprit behind the appearance of those ads is Mycouponsmart is inline text or small lettering under pop-up ads telling you those ads are "Powered by Mycouponsmart" or something to that effect.

Similar browser hijackers will inject unwanted advertising in your search result pages, can cause excessive ad pop-ups to appear and can even potentially contain links to unsafe websites, exposing the user to additional malware.

This type of potentially unwanted application can end up on your Mac's hard drive in a number of ways. You can get it packaged in a bundle installer, often buldned with legitimate software, or you can get it by clicking on a browser pop-up for a fake software update. Another way similar potentially unwanted apps and browser hijackers can end up in your favorite browser is giving your agreement to receive fake push notifications from malicious websites.

The only way to steer clear of potentially unwanted applications similar to Mycouponsmart is to be extra careful what you click on the web and what you consent to. Additionally, make sure to always source your applications from legitimate sources and websites.

The quality of applications on the official App Store for example is guaranteed, while certain free download websites can host bundle installers with potentially unwanted applications piggy-backing in them.

Those installers have notoriously poor disclosure of their full contents and applications such as Mycouponsmart can end up on your system without you ever realizing it happened in the first place.

September 10, 2021