Sharing Is Caring, but if You Share Your Passwords, They Are No Longer Safe

A late 2020 study conducted among citizens of the United Kingdom shows that a disturbing amount of people share their passwords for services such as Netflix.

The study was specifically looking at streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max and the results are a bit worrying. More than a third, or about 36 percent of those polled said they would love to share login credentials to a streaming service with other people.

Nearly half of the interviewees, at around 42 percent, stated they already share their streaming platform login credentials with at least one other person. Netflix leads the chart when it comes to most commonly shared streaming service credentials, closely followed by Amazon Prime Video.

This sort of credential sharing may seem innocent, as the passwords are usually shared with close friends, but there are number of implications that go with this.

First of all, the moment your password is known by anyone else, it automatically, by definition, becomes less secure. You also have no way to know how secure your friend's computer or device is and how exposed your password would be on their machine.

Think twice before sharing your Netflix password

Even if your home computer is protected with a firewall, a sturdy and fully-featured anti-malware application and you are being very careful with your browsing and e-mails, there is no way to know if the friends you share your account with have systems that are as secure.

No matter how strong and complex your password is, passing it around like it's a bucket of fried chicken is simply asking for trouble. It is a bad habit and a surprising revelation that so many people are so eager to share their passwords.

Letting your friend watch The Witcher on your account may seem like an innocent gesture, but it is a bad practice and a sure way to make your passwords less secure.

October 30, 2020

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