If You Purchased Comcast's Xfinity Mobile Phone, You Must Set Up Strong Account Passwords

If you are looking for information on how to change Xfinity mobile PIN, you must know already just how important it is for you to set strong passcodes for your virtual accounts. Unfortunately, some users believe that it is safe enough to stick with the passwords and pin codes that are set by default. The problem here is that the default Xfinity mobile PIN code is 0000. Needless to say, that makes the account extremely vulnerable and attractive to hackers. If you do not take the matter seriously, you could become a victim of identity theft, which is why it is important that you learn how to change Xfinity mobile PIN and that you change account passwords as soon as possible.

Hackers have attacked their first victims already

Let’s start with a true story, shall we? One Xfinity mobile user has recently shared his story with The Washington Post. According to the California-based man, his Xfinity mobile PIN was not updated, and he believed that that was the reason why he suffered a real data breach. He told the online publication that his phone number was hijacked and transferred (or “ported”) to a new mobile service provider without his knowledge or permission. Using the victim’s credit card information, the hacker was able to purchase a computer from a physical Apple Store in Georgia. Now, if the default PIN code was not 0000, it would have been much more difficult for the attacker to perform the attack. Most likely, that would not have happened at all. That being said, the Comcast representative who discussed the issue with Washington Post suggested that while the company was working to fix the problem, they believed that the default Xfinity mobile PIN was not the culprit. According to the representative, it is users who tend to reuse passwords or set up weak passwords that are the prime target of hackers.

According to Comcast, it is not possible for a remote attacker to exploit the ridiculous 0000 Xfinity mobile PIN code, unless they know other personally-identifiable information. More specifically, we are talking about an Xfinity mobile account number that is supposed to be password-protected. But what if the user has this account number stored on a document file that falls into the hands of attackers? What if the password that is set to protect the account number is weak? Obviously, your security is as strong as its weakest link. Ultimately, this isn’t the first or the last time a big company is blaming successful data breaches on users who are unable to create strong passwords. Last year, T-Mobile and Vodafone warned customers that their passwords were not strong enough and that data breaches occurred.

Although it is easiest to point fingers at the companies that are supposed to provide us with secure services, we always have to start with ourselves. You always need to ask yourself if you can do anything to strengthen your accounts. In most cases, the answer is YES because there’s always that one thing you can do, that one feature you can tweak, and that one password you can strengthen.

How to ensure that Xfinity mobile PIN doesn’t cause problems

Well, here’s a doozy for you: it appears that you cannot replace the 0000 PIN code. This is bad news for those who are trying to figure out how to change Xfinity mobile PIN codes. That means that your virtual security lands heavily on the passwords you set up. You can reset your Xfinity password HERE. If your Xfinity account passwords are strong, and you protect them as well, the Xfinity mobile PIN code should not be exploited by attackers in the future. So, how about passwords? First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are always setting up a password of optimal length. That means that you should use as many characters as you are allowed to. Of course, it’s not ALL about the length. For example, if you are allowed to use up to 10 unique characters, and you decide to put password12, you will not be safe.

A good password must consist of random characters that, ideally, include letters, numbers, and special characters. That being said, something like qw3rtypa$$ is not a good password either. What you should aim for is a completely random password that is hard to remember. Unfortunately, there is one huge problem with passwords like that – they are nearly impossible to remember; especially if password exceeds, let’s say, 10 characters. The good news is that we live in an age when we do not need to remember passwords. If you install a trustworthy password manager, you can use it to keep all of your passwords. If you use a tool like that, all you need to remember is the main password, generally known as the master password. This password must be strong because it is the key to all of your other passcodes and pins that you might choose to lock.

Ultimately, although you might not be able to change Xfinity mobile PIN code that is set by default to 0000, you can secure your Xfinity accounts using strong passwords. You also need to be cautious about how you protect your account number. Do not leave it in the open, and do not store it in a note that is unencrypted. If you did not know this already, let us warn you that cyber attackers are equipped to read and steal unprotected notes without you even knowing it. Finally, you must be careful about the security software you employ. If your mobile device is not guarded, you are asking for trouble.

April 2, 2019

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