How to Switch Google Authenticator to Your New iPhone or Android Phone?

Google Authenticator is a highly useful tool which can boost online security. The app gives you the power of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) combined a streamlined user interface. The best part about Google Authenticator is that it can be easily downloaded and used on your smartphone, so it's always at your fingertips. Thanks to being created by a titan like Google it's streamlined and easy to use for everyone. This is essential in 2018 when even children have access to the internet. It can also save you time in a vital moment and save your precious data.

If you don't have Google Authenticator or some other 2FA app you're leaving yourself vulnerable. If you've decided on Google Authenticator, but have changed phones, transferring your Google Authenticator to the new smartphone isn't quite as easy as it seems. Here's how you do it.

How to transfer Google Authenticator to a new smartphone?

First, keep your old phone (the one that has Google Authenticator installed) on hand. You'll need it for this.

  1. Install the iOS or Android version Google Authenticator app on your new smartphone.
  2. Launch your browser and go to the Google Authenticator page. You'll be prompted to log in. Enter your credentials.
  3. You'll see the Authenticator app. Tap "Change phone".
  4. You'll get a popup window, which will ask you to select what kind of new phone you have: Android or iPhone. Make your choice and click "Next".
  5. Now, launch the Google Authenticator app on the new smartphone and press "Begin setup", then "Scan barcode".
  6. Use the new phone to scan the barcode displayed in your browser, then press "Next" in your browser. You'll be asked to enter the authenticator code you see on your new phone.
  7. Click "Verify".

Note: if you use Google Authenticator for other apps, you'll have to log in to each of those apps separately, remove the old Google Authenticator app and then add your new smartphone. You'll have to scan the QR code each and every time.

When you're done with all that you should go onto your old phone, tap the Edit button, and delete the individual authenticator codes you've received, and delete the app itself.

September 17, 2018

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