How to Delete Direct Message History in Discord

Discord is a messaging and voice chat platform used by more than a quarter billion people. Even though those users swap billions of messages on a daily basis, Discord actually never deletes the text messages you send, whether you do this in direct messaging with a contact or in a server channel.

If you want to quickly and easily remove all your direct messages that you exchanged with another Discord user, you're out of luck. Despite its many other features, Discord simply does not offer this functionality. The platform does not have a single, convenient option, button or shortcut do wiping your entire DM window with a contact or friend.

Sadly, this means there are only a handful of ways you can deal with a long messaging history in a DM window. The first and slowest of those ways is to manually click the three dots on the right side of your messages in the desktop client or browser tab, or tap on the hamburger menu on mobile, and manually select "Delete Message".

You need to repeat the two-click process for each and every message contained in the DM window, which means it could take an hour with long conversations, and that would be just one conversation cleaned up.

The second, slightly faster method, is to use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press the Up arrow key twice to select your last message and edit it.
  • Press Ctrl + A to select all text in the message box.
  • Press Backspace to delete the text.
  • Press Enter twice to save the changes.

If you repeat those key commands in a loop and have decent keyboard accuracy and dexterity, you will probably be able to go through your messages a lot faster than you could using a mouse and scrolling to find each previous message.

Finally, if you feel comfortable with using external software, you could use a keyboard shortcut scripting tool that can repeat and loop the same keyboard commands listed above and do the heavy lifting for you. There are many tutorials for many different types of keyboard shortcut scripting tools online.

Hopefully, in the future Discord developers manage to implement something as simple as wiping your entire direct message history with other users, because this is already possible, it simply takes an inordinate amount of time to do it.

October 27, 2020