How to Avoid Ads and Pop-Ups

Mytopword dot com is a very boring misleading website that only exists to shove intrusive ads in your browser.

If you somehow found your way to Mytopword dot com, the first thing you will see when the site loads up is a blank white page, a fake loading bar and some text that tells you to "click the allow to subscribe to the push notifications and continue watching".

Funny thing, because you weren't watching anything in the first place. You won't get to watch anything if you click the button either, because there is no content on Mytopword dot com. The page is just a placeholder portal designed to lure people into allowing push notifications.

This functionality is then used by Mytopword dot com and other misleading websites like it to push ads into users' browsers. Those ads may be sourced from bad sources and rogue ad networks and link to questionable online content, scam or phishing pages, potentially unwanted program installers or other untrustworthy websites.

You can avoid all of those potential headaches by sticking to one simple rule - never click any buttons or links on unfamiliar sites when those sites urge you to do that immediately after they load up.

September 1, 2022