Avoiding Ads and Pop-Ups from Lationwordsi.xyz

Lationwordsi dot xyz is a misleading web page that has been put up online with the sole purpose of getting ads in the browsers of as many people as possible.

The page itself uses more imagery than most misleading sites of this type. The site will display a stock image of a gift box being opened, with gift cards inside it. The page will urge visitors to click "allow" in order to "win a prize".

One would hope that at this point this sort of bait can no longer work on anyone, but the existence of this sort of misleading page shows otherwise. Of course, there is no prize to be won here. Clicking "allow" will only allow the website to push annoying and potentially harmful ads into your browser, using push notification functionality.

The biggest issue with this setup is that similar misleading sites will often partner with rogue ad networks. This means you may be exposed to ads sourced from the rogue ad network that redirect to questionable adult content, scam pages, installers of potentially unwanted programs or other misleading websites.

The good news is that it is very easy to avoid this type of ad spam. Simply never click any buttons or links on websites you have never seen before, especially ones with obviously random and nonsensical domain names.

July 1, 2022