'Your Phone May Be Receiving Many Spam Texts' Pop-Up Scam

computer scam

A new scam is being pushed by many websites online, but this one is even less convincing that most of those before it.

It is called simply the "Your Phone May Be Receiving Many Spam Texts" scam and will attempt to get the user to start a fake scan that will result in fake viruses and fake warnings generated on the device.

The initial text of the scam goes as follows:

Attention Norton User

We have reported that your phone may be receiving many spam texts.
You may loose all the info from the computer if action isn't taken.
We recommend Antivirus installation to clean your your inbox.


The text is riddled with so many errors that the sloppy grammar and syntax should serve as the very first red flags here. If scammers actually employed people who could produce three sentences without half a dozen glaring errors and repeating words, this sort of scam would probably be more successful.

Additionally, no online website can perform a scan of your device - this is another very obvious sign that this is a scam.

Remember you should never click buttons or interact with elements on similar scam pages and should simply close your browser when you land on a similar page.

October 27, 2022