Is Safe?

Drive-By Download Attacks is a Web page, which users might find through their favorite search engine. It offers to help users download videos from YouTube and other social media sites or video hosting services. While it does work as expected, it may expose you to tons of extra ads that often promote irrelevant content. Furthermore, online convertors like may often promote stand-alone media convertors that are unreliable. It is generally safe to use¸ but you should remember not to download any of the software it offers. Of course, it goes without saying that you should not trust's ads as well.

Online convertors like are not classified as malicious, but you should keep in mind that the service they provide still counts as piracy. Hence why, legitimate advertising networks prefer not to co-operate with sites like this one. This leaves's creators with no other option but to monetize their traffic through co-operation with low-quality advertising networks. The latter networks may often promote Potentially Unwanted Programs, fake promotions, and other misleading content.

Using is safe, but you should avoid using such websites on a daily basis. They will expose you to numerous intrusive and unwanted ads, and you may often end up being redirected to shady sites. Furthermore, we advise you to only visit with your antivirus protection turned on. This way, redirects to potentially dangerous sites may be blocked, and you will be extra safe.

October 8, 2021