What Can I Do To Prevent a Data Breach?

As you probably know, Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, were recently involved in a massive global scandal when it was discovered Facebook shared private user data with Cambridge Analytica. According to what we know, more 87 million users had their personal information leaked without their knowledge. The majority of those 87 million, around 70 million users, are Americans. Another three million were in the UK, Philippines, and Indonesia. Australia was also affected with over 300,000 victims. To make matters worse, Facebook discovered what Cambridge Analytica was doing back in 2015, but failed to act on it. The issue is serious enough to earn Zuckerberg an audience with the United States Congress. In an interview on NBC's Meet the Press, Christopher Wylie, who worked with Cambridge Analytica to acquire the information, said the real number of victims could be even higher than 87 million. Wylie said: "I know that Facebook is now starting to take steps to rectify that and start to find out who had access to it and where it could have gone, but ultimately it's not watertight to say that, you know, we can ensure that all the data is gone forever."

In light of the recent news of data breaches such as this one or the infamous DNC email hacks, you may be wondering what you can do to maximize your own protection. If so, Cyclonis has the perfect solution for you.

We at Cyclonis are happy and proud to present our new, dependable, secure and most importantly free Password Manager, Cyclonis Password Manager, to keep you and your assorted online profiles and accounts safe. Cyclonis Password Manager comes equipped with several cutting-edge features, which will aid and guard your personal data as well as make your web-browsing both faster and more comfortable than ever.

What makes Cyclonis Password Manager better than other password managers?

What makes Cyclonis's Password Manager superior to other password managers you ask? Well, it's a wide array of useful tools, which are all available without any extra cost.

For example, CMP's cloud storage options. Cyclonis Password Manager does not store any of your personal information on our servers. Instead, clients can choose whether to store their data on Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive or Google Drive.  Also, you can save your information locally if that's what you want to do. Cyclonis is all about your choices.

Cyclonis Password Manager also has a Password Analyzer tool, which you can use to analyze your passwords' strength and safety rating. The analyzer's score is determined by various different component such as the length and complexity of the passwords. The Password Analyzer judges your passwords with an open-source algorithm named zxcvbn. It also makes sure you're not reusing any old passwords. Older passwords can be compromised which is why reused passwords will lower your Total Strength Score.

Cyclonis Password Manager keeps your master password safe and secure with a powerful 256-bit encryption key. This encryption key will be used to lock away your master password and your personal data with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, the current gold standard for encryption. This mighty encryption algorithm has been used all over the world by everyone ranging from hackers and malware creators to banks, military institutions and governments. It's famous for being just about impossible to crack via brute force. The best part is that the encryption is done on your machine and it's never transmitted anywhere else. We have no access to your master password or your private information.

Cyclonis Password Manager can also synchronize all of your devices, which use CPM, which means when you make a change to, say, your wallet from your PC the change will be recorded on all of your devices. However, this feature only works if you're using cloud storage. If you're storing your data locally it will not be available.

Cyclonis Password Manager comes with a Two-Factor Authentication option for extra security. This tool requests you to enter a verification code to log into your Cyclonis Password Manager account from unknown or unauthorized devices. The code will be sent to your email and it will be required alongside your master password.

CPM can also add a browser extension for extra security and ease of use. The browser extension feature is available for all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It can auto-log you into your online accounts and auto-fill forms with long and boring information like first names, last names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc making your web browsing that much more streamlined.

April 11, 2018

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