What to Do If I Forget Verizon Wireless Sign-In Password?

verizon wireless sign-in forget password

Most of us, level-headed adults, go into panic when we are denied access to our personal accounts. In some cases, that is caused due to security issues. In others, we can blame no one but ourselves. Forgetting passwords is not uncommon at all. In fact, there is a good chance that you have reset a forgotten password or two just recently. This is because we are slowly moving our lives online, and we have tons of logins that give us access to email, social networking, insurance, healthcare, bank, and all other kinds of virtual accounts. Most of us have more than one or two emails, and social networking profiles might be hard to count altogether. To add insult to injury, the passwords to all of these accounts need to be quite complicated, and remembering them might be quite a challenge. Right now, you might be in panic because you forgot Verizon wireless sign-in password. Well, you are not alone, and, in fact, the issue is not as dramatic as you might think.

How to regain access if you forgot Verizon Wireless sign-in password

If you forget password to your Verizon account, there are certain pieces of information you need to have; otherwise, you will not be able to reset it. While this might seem like a nuisance, it is a blessing in disguise. After all, you do not want access to your Backup Assistant, Family Locator, My Verizon, Push to Talk, and VZ Navigator portals hacked just because the process of resetting a password was easy. Here are the steps you need to take to regain access to your account if you forgot password.

  1. Go to https://www.verizonwireless.com/.
  2. Move the cursor over Sign In in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Click the Forgot your Info? link at the bottom.
  5. Enter Mobile Number or User ID and then click Continue.
  6. Follow the instructions and enter the ZIP code when requested. Click Continue.
  7. Choose text message or billing address and then click Send Password.
  8. Type in the Temporary Password and then click the Sign In button.
  9. Next, enter a new password under Create Password.
  10. Enter the same password under Confirm Password and then click Continue.

N.B. The password needs to be at least 8 characters long, must contain 1 letter and 1 number, and cannot be easy to guess. These are the requirements set up by Verizon to protect its customers.

What is a strong password vs. a weak password?

If you care about your virtual security, you really need to come up with a complex password. You do not want it to be something like password1. This password is 9 characters-long and contains a letter and a number, which are the requirements implemented by Verizon. But is it safe? Of course, it is not! In fact, according to Business Insider, it would take milliseconds for a hacker to guess a password like that, which is why you need to be smart about this. First and foremost, do not use a word as your password. Joining two words together will not help either. Instead, think of a random combination of letters (both upper and lower case), symbols, and numbers, and use as many of them as possible. In our case, the limit is 20 characters. A strong, complex password is, hopefully, impossible to crack. But how are you supposed to NOT forget passwords if they are all random and contain all kinds of symbols? Without a doubt, if you do not use help, you are bound to forget passwords.

Do not write down your passwords on a piece of paper, and, for the love of God, do NOT store them in an unprotected file. If your operating system, cloud, external drive – or whatever you use to store this file – is taken over by cyber attackers and their malware, all of your sensitive passwords could be exploited. The best way to protect your login credentials is to employ a reliable password manager. We suggest trying out Cyclonis because it is free, it can help generate strong passwords, it can keep them safe, and, best of all, it can make the sign-in process extremely quick because this tool can auto-fill sign-in forms. If you want to try it out, click here.

Why is it important to set a strong Verizon Wireless password?

The short answer is: You want to be safe. Cyber attackers are using all kinds of tricks and scams to lure users' personal data out. If they manage to obtain passwords, usernames, and personal user information, they can perform virtual identity theft, impersonate users online, and perform unauthorized actions that could cause serious security issues. For example, if they obtain Verizon password and user ID, they could access other personal information and sign up for plans, purchase products, change phone numbers, add new devices, and even suspend your services. Data provided by Verizon shows that some of the most popular hacking techniques include malware, DDoS attacks, human error, and RAM scrapping, which means that cyber attackers have plenty of ways to attack and breach data. By setting up weak passwords, you are only helping them to reach their goals faster.

The Data Breach Investigations Report has revealed that over 53,000 incidents and 2,200-odd confirmed data breaches have been reported, and these numbers are truly worrisome. Unfortunately, in many cases, attackers manage to perform data breaches in other ways besides cracking weak passwords. For example, in late-June 2017, 14 million records of Verizon users were exposed by a company that was capable of analyzing audio logs that were recorded when users would call customer service. Data that was found contained names, phone numbers, and account PINs, using which access to accounts could be gained very easily. At the time, all Verizon users were advised to change their PINs immediately.

What's the big deal if you forget your password?

It is not a big deal if you forgot password to Verizon Wireless sign-in account as it takes a few simple steps to regain access. However, the new password you set up needs to be strong; otherwise, you put yourself at risk of becoming a victim of cyber-criminal activity. Most users set up simple, easy-to-remember login credentials because they are afraid they might forget passwords. After all, resetting them can be quite a hassle. That being said, if you forgot password to your Verizon account, you need to make sure that the new one you set is made up of many characters and contains random symbols, numbers, and letters (both lower and upper case). If you are not a robot, and there is a high risk you would forget passwords that are complex, employ a password manager that will safely store and deliver them for you.

September 20, 2018