What is the ClientPcSpeedup Rogue Optimization App?

ClientPcSpeedup is the generic detection name used by antivirus software to flag a specific type of potentially unwanted app, namely - rogue optimization apps.

Potentially unwanted apps are a gray area in software that exists somewhere between dangerous fully-featured malware and completely legitimate applications. Rogue optimization apps are a subdivision of potentially unwanted apps. Rogue optimizers would usually claim they can dramatically speed up your system, offering unrealistic performance gains or reporting fake optimization issues and nagging the user endlessly to purchase a "paid version".

There are dozens of different rogue optimization applications that may be detected under the same designation, often listed as "PUP.AD.CLIENTPCSPEEDUP". The PUP stands for "potentially unwanted program".

Regardless of what specific rogue optimization application triggered this detection, it's a safe bet to delete the file, because as the name implies, rogue optimization apps and potentially unwanted programs are not something you want to have on your system.