EdgeBegin is a Potentially Unwanted Program

EdgeBegin is an intrusive piece of software, which Mac users might find on their systems. It shows up because of fake downloads, bogus installers, and other misleading content you might discover online. The good news is that EdgeBegin is not a malicious application by any means. In fact, most users are unlikely to notice its presence at all until they fire up their Web browser. Why? Because EdgeBegin works in the background to silently modify Web browser settings.

What Does EdgeBegin Do?

When this PUP is installed, it will immediately check for the presence of popular Web browsers on your computer. By default, it targets the default macOS browser, Safari. The goal of EdgeBegin is to manipulate the configuration of Web browsers in order to promote 3rd-party sites as the default new tab page or search engine. The EdgeBegin PUP may promote Nearbyme.io, or other low-quality search engines. The best way to prevent such PUPs from getting to your PC is to use an up-to-date security scanner at all times. Of course, you will also be much safer if you avoid visiting low-quality sites such as torrent trackers or illegal streams. Also, remember not to trust random online ads and pop-ups that ask you to download apps and files.

January 7, 2022