Segurazo Rogue Antivirus Software: What Is It and Should I Use It?

Segurazo is a piece of software that advertises itself as an antivirus suite. However, it also displays a number of characteristics that put it closer to potentially unwanted software and rogue antivirus applications than to legitimate antivirus toolkits.

The first and biggest red flag about Segurazo is the way it is being distributed. There is a website set up with all the usual layouts and imagery you'd expect from a regular antivirus suite. However, every download link and button available on the Segurazo website leads to a 404 error. At the time of writing, there is no way to download Segurazo from its one "official" website.

This might make you think - if the supposed official website of a program does not contain a working link to it, how are you even supposed to get the software in the first place? The answer is simple - Segurazo is distributed through the methods commonly used by potentially unwanted software - bundle installers.

Segurazo is usually found bundled in software bundles distributed through free download websites. This exact same method of distribution is used by the vast majority of potentially unwanted applications.

Additionally, Segurazo will display false positives and scare the user into thinking their system is infected with dangerous malware, in an effort to incentivize purchasing the full version of the software. This behavior is typical for rogue antivirus applications.

The combination of a complete lack of a working download on the official website of Segurazo, combined with the similarities it shares with potentially unwanted software and rogue antivirus applications make it a less than ideal candidate for your antivirus tool of choice.

If you find Segurazo installed on your system without your knowledge, your best bet would be to uninstall the application, as it probably found its way on your drive through a bundle installer.