Phishes for Information Using Fake Rewards

pop-up warning

Valleykeepsong dot buzz is a scam website that dangles the fake promise of rewards in front of its visitors in the hope of harvesting some of their personal information.

Landing on Valleykeepsong dot buzz, you will see a slightly different take on one of the oldest online scams. The page will display a message, telling you that you are the lucky visitor who is eligible to receive a gift. This type of "lucky user number X" scam has been going on since the very first days of the world wide web and it is interesting to see that it is still alive and well and there are still people who fall for it.

Don't be one of those people. Be aware of similar scams and remember that there is no free lunch. The only thing that's free here is the free personal information that victims who fall for this scam will send to the scam's operators. Of course, in order to claim your fake reward, you will need to provide a whole slew of sensitive and personally identifiable information, feeding it inside a phishing form.

When you run into a website with an unfamiliar and nonsensical name like Valleykeepsong that promises you free gifts, rely on your common sense and simply close the browser tab, then go on with your day.

July 18, 2022