Travel Adware

ads adware pop-ups

Travel is the seemingly random name given to an adware application. Travel is distributed as an application that comes with its separate executable file that has an icon in the form of a compass rose. Of course, the same adware can easily be repackaged in different formats or use a different exe icon.

Adware exists to push ads in your browser, making money for its makers in the process. The main issue with this behavior is that adware or ad-supported software makers often tend to partner up with rogue advertising networks.

This means that the ads served up by the ad-supported application may link to dangerous online locations and pages. Those locations may include questionable adult content, scam or phishing pages, misleading websites and the installers of potentially unwanted programs such as browser hijackers.

In some cases, clicking an ad may directly launch the install process for a rogue browser extension and install a browser hijacker on the system without any sort of previous disclosure to the user.

All of this should make it obvious why you don't want to have any adware on your system, whether it is the Travel adware or some other adware clone.

Some adware can simply be uninstalled as you would a normal app, through the Windows control panel or settings window. Some types of adware will need the use of a dedicated anti-malware suite to remove completely and without leftover traces.

September 16, 2022