HybridSpace Adware


HybridSpace is a piece of adware that belongs to the AdLoad family of ad-supported programs that affect Mac computers.

HybridSpace has a number of features it shares with browser hijackers and adware. It can inject ads into the pages you browse while online and does that by altering settings in your browser.

The ads delivered generate revenue for the developers of the adware application. However, ad-supported software or adware often works in tandem with rogue advertising networks and this can be a problem.

Ads sourced through rogue ad networks will not only slow down your connection but can also refer to potentially dangerous pages and files. Rogue ads can refer you to malicious pages, misleading websites and other questionable content, as well as online scams.

HybridSpace, like all AdLoad clones we've seen in recent months, uses a simple icon designed to help it stay hidden among your other applications. Thankfully, removal is easy, as the adware doesn't seem to have any meaningful persistence mechanisms, so simply dragging it onto the Trash and emptying Trash will remove it.

July 1, 2022