Beware of the Fake Search Engine

web search browser hijacker

Exploretoday dot co is a fake search engine that generates bizarre results.

Similar fake search engines are often promoted and pushed onto users through browser hijackers. A browser hijacker is a type of potentially unwanted program that can change your browser's search settings and default search engine, as well as the browser's default home page and blank new tab contents.

What both fake search engines and browser hijackers promoting them have in common is that they tend to collect data on user's search queries and share this data with third parties, commonly ad networks. In fact, if you use Exploretoday to search for anything, you will see a message that informs you that you "agree to our use of cookies to show you tailored ads and that we share information with our third party partners".

It is never a good idea to use this type of search engine, especially given the mismatch between the results it would provide compared to something like Bing or Google. The fact that your search queries can be stored and shared makes the situation even less appealing.

September 26, 2022