Combines Fake Search Engine and Browser Hijacker

browser hijacker popups ads

Findresultsnow dot co is a fake search engine that also exhibits some behavioral patterns typical for browser hijackers used to push ads.

Like most fake search engines, Findresultsnow dot co will provide some sort of results page, but a lot of the links on the results page may be untrustworthy and the results page may be filled with many more ads and sponsored results than usual.

Additionally, the website will attempt to convince users to allow push notifications from it. This sort of functionality is often abused by misleading websites to push ads to the user's browser.

The big issue with this behavior is that in most cases, misleading pages will work in conjunction with rogue ad networks. This, in turn, means that the ads you will see displayed in your browser may link to other misleading pages, scam or phishing portals, questionable content or the installers of potentially unwanted programs and browser extensions.

The best thing you can do is to stick to a trusted, big search engine that has a good reputation and is used by millions of people.

August 5, 2022