Fake Search Engine

browser hijacker

Search-tap dot com is a fake search engine that provides absolutely no useful results.

While most fake search engines would at least produce some sort of results page, obtained through a real search engine such as Bing or Yahoo or Google, Search-tap dot com doesn't even make that effort.

If you feed the search box at Search-tap dot com a text search query, the page will return between one and three "matches" that never have anything to do with your search. The results are all sponsored links and the most confusing part is that they are not even a little related to your search.

If you search for a physical product, you might get several highly doctored, sponsored results, but that is all. You quite literally get 2 or 3 sponsored links and nothing more. Comparing that to the same search results page on Google, it should be very obvious why you don't want to use fake engines such as Search-tap dot com or similar websites.

In addition to producing only sponsored link results, similar fake engines can also collect your search queries and re-sell them to third parties, which is another reason to avoid them.

September 23, 2022