SpaceEnergy Mac Adware Pushes Ads

SpaceEnergy is the name of yet another AdLoad adware clone that can deploy on Mac computers.

AdLoad is a family of adware or ad-supported software which affects Macs. SpaceEnergy is just one of the hundreds of similar versions and manifestations of this adware family.

All those clones are the same down to a tee - they have the same icon and use the same name generation method - two randomly chosen words put together in the hopes that the end result isn't nonsensical.

Adware applications like SpaceEnergy can often work in conjunction with rogue ad networks, which is where the heart of the problem lies. Rogue ads sourced through those networks and delivered to your Mac by the adware may link to scam pages, misleading websites, potentially unwanted programs and questionable content.

Avoiding those issues or minimizing them is easy. If you see SpaceEnergy or another app with a strange name using the same icon in your applications folder and you don't remember installing it yourself, simply drag and drop it onto your Trash, then empty the Trash.

July 29, 2022