Uses Cheap Scares to Fish Out Victims

How to Avoid Scareware

Shaxon dot shop is a misleading website that will attempt to scare the user into downloading malicious apps on their device.

In general, the content on Shaxon dot shop is aimed at mobile device users and bad links to it may be distributed through various methods, from notifications to text messages.

The site will display a scary warning that your device has been "hacked" and that "hackers are watching you". This is a commonly used scare that even never changes wording between different misleading pages.

Of course, it is also very fake. The scary warnings are intended as bait to get users to download an app that will supposedly fix the issue. Of course, in this case, this app is a piece of malware that will likely need manual permissions to install on your device.

Don't fall for this type of cheap and silly scare, especially when you see it on no-name websites you have never seen or heard of in your life. When you land on similar misleading pages, just calm down, remember that those warnings are always fake and close your browser.

July 28, 2022