Browser Hijacker

pop-up alert warning

Searchgoose dot com is the name of a fake search engine and the associated browser hijacker that redirects and installs searchgoose as the default search engine in your browser.

If the searchgoose browser hijacker is installed on your system, you will notice several changes inside your browser. Your home page will be changed from your previous one and swapped with searchgoose dot com. The browser hijacker will also change your default search engine - the one that your browser used by default when you type a search query directly into the address bar and force you to use searchgoose for your searches.

This behavior is why browser hijackers are considered potentially unwanted programs. While those are not as dangerous as full-blown malware, they will still exhibit features that are considered undesirable, such as collecting data on user browsing habits and search queries, as well as the browser changes mentioned above that are introduced without receiving explicit user consent.

Browser hijackers of this kind are usually fairly easy to remove. They are most commonly represented by a browser extension. Removing the extension will usually remove the browser hijacker as well and will revert your browser to its previous state.

July 6, 2022