Pushes Ads

browser hijacker

Scanuralerts dot com is a misleading website that displays fake virus warnings and attempts to push ads in your browser.

Landing on Scanuralerts dot com, you will be greeted with what looks like several windows belonging to an antivirus product. Of course, those are just images styled to look like software interface windows.

The images will attempt to convince you that your system has been infected with about half a dozen viruses and that your information may be compromised or stolen as a result. This is all a gigantic fraud, as the site has no idea what the security of infection status of your system is.

The page will also bring up the "allow notifications" window in an attempt to get the scared user to mechanically click "allow" and then spam the browser with ads. Those ads may be sourced from rogue ad networks and lead to further scams, phishing pages, misleading websites and questionable content.

Remember that every single time you see a web page warning you that your system has been infected or that you have malware on it, it is always a bad actor trying to lure you into a trap. Always close pages containing similar messages and you will be much safer online.

September 16, 2022