'Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly' Error

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The 'Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly' Error means that your Web browser faced an unexpected error and was forced to shut down. This is not an abnormal error, and you are likely to see it one or two times every few months. However, if it becomes a regular occurrence, then there might be something wrong with the Safari browser, and you should certainly try to fix it in order to enhance your browsing experience. Thankfully, troubleshooting the 'Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly' Error is a straightforward task, just follow the steps below:

Update Safari and your Operating System

Applying the latest software and macOS updates is mandatory to maintain your system's performance and stability. If you are using an outdated Safari browser, then maybe an old bug is the cause of the issue, and using the latest version will fix it.

Clear Safari Cache, Data, and History

If your Safari browser is cluttered with data saved during your browsing sessions, then it might have trouble running reliably. We advise you to clean up the Safari browser once every few months to lower the chances of encountering issues like the 'Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly' Error.

  1. Open Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced, and then check the 'Show Develop menu in menu bar' box.
  2. Click Develop -> Empty Caches.
  3. Restart Safari.

Delete Flash Files

Adobe Flash is an outdated and defunct technology, but some remnants of it might still be causing trouble for Safari. To delete all Flash files, go to System Preferences -> Flash Player -> Advanced -> Delete All. Make sure that the 'Delete All Site Data and Settings' box is checked.

Disable Add-ons

If you have cluttered your Safari browser with 3rd-party add-ons, then there is a high chance that one of them might be freezing/crashing and causing your Web browser to behave oddly. If the 'Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly' Error is persistent, you should disable all add-ons and then turn them on one-by-one. Remember to do some browsing after turning an add-on on – if you start encountering the 'Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly' Error after activating a specific add-on, then you should disable it permanently.

May 7, 2021

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