Remove Zip Zipulya Ransomware

Being infected by a file-locker has been one of the most dangerous things to happen to Internet users in recent years. Malware of this type causes long-lasting damage, and recovering from its attack is often a very challenging task. The Zip Zipulya Ransomware is one of the latest file-lockers to be found online. Unfortunately, there is no decryptor for it. This means that its victims will need to resort to alternative data recovery tools and options. Unfortunately, these do not always deliver satisfying results.

The Zip Zipulya Ransomware may reach your device in various ways. Sometimes it is disguised as an email attachment that arrives with a legitimate-looking email. However, the message is simply a decoy that tries to gain your trust and convince you to download a file. Other users may come across the Zip Zipulya Ransomware because of interacting with pirated games, software, and media. Needless to say, you should stay away from such content if you wish to dodge malware attacks. Furthermore, investing in reputable antivirus software is another great way to mitigate ransomware attacks before they cause damage.

Zip Zipulya Ransomware Author Uses ICQ and Skype for Contact

The Zip Zipulya Ransomware attack will leave you with a bunch of encrypted files whose names include the extension '.zipzipulya.' On top of this, it creates the ransom document '#Decrypt#.txt' on the Windows Desktop. This file instructs users to contact the attackers via the ICQ handle @zipzipulya, or the Skype handle Zip Zipulya.

Zip Zipulya Ransomware Ransom Note

However, keep in mind that the criminals do not offer a free service. They will ask you to pay money via cryptocurrency in exchange for the decryptor. You should not accept this offer, as it would be very easy for the criminals to steal your money and ghost you.

The best advice to victims of the Zip Zipulya Ransomware is to run an antivirus scanner to eliminate the malicious software. Once they do this, they can run alternative data recovery tools to try and undo the damage done to their files.

September 9, 2021

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