How to Avoid Ads

pop-ups ads notifications

Yt2conv dot com is a website that can convert YouTube videos into audio-only MP3 files. The biggest issue with the website is not even how illegal this is and how it goes against YouTube's terms of service.

The real problem with the page at Yt2conv dot com is that it will push very aggressively in an attempt to implant ads in your browser and cause multiple bad redirects to appear.

Landing on the page, you will likely be prompted to allow push notifications. This is later used to send unsolicited and potentially harmful ads into your browser. If you skip this step and attempt to convert a file, clicking the website's buttons will cause several bad redirects to known malicious locations that will get automatically blocked if you have a reliable ad blocker installed in your browser.

When you run into similar websites, remember it's never worth it to risk your browser's security and integrity over a single MP3 file that you could legitimately purchase on a dozen other, legal portals and services.

November 18, 2022