How to Avoid Ads

Processormedia dot com is a misleading website with a very simple layout and very little effort put into it.

When a visitor lands on Processormedia dot com, they will be faced with a black screen and the text "Click Allow to play the video". The browser will also bring up its default "allow notifications" dialog. This functionality is used for push notifications from websites, but misleading pages like Processormedia dot com abuse this to spam the user's browser with annoying advertising.

The biggest issue with this is that a lot of the time the ads displayed originate from rogue ad networks. This means that rogue ads can link to other misleading pages, questionable content, or malicious pages and scams.

All of this can be avoided with minimal effort. All you have to do is immediately close the browser when you run into a similar misleading page that asks you to allow notifications for no apparent reason, or uses some sort of bait like a fake video to encourage you to click "allow".

June 10, 2022