Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups

The browser hijacking tricks that online con artists use have gone a long way – while in the past such cons were executed with the help of standalone software, nowadays all it takes is clicking the wrong button on a fake website. This exact scam is found on, a fake Web page designed to display a bogus 'download file' button that, allegedly, can only be unlocked by pressing 'Allow.' However, users who follow's instructions blindly will end up subscribing to this shady website's content.

The good news is that seeing unwanted browser notifications in your browser is not a symptom of malicious activity. It simply means that you have granted a dodgy website the ability to do this. Thankfully, revoking's permissions is all it takes to stop its content from bothering you – you can do this through your browser settings.

The so-called 'Please press Allow to Continue' online scams have become very popular online, and is just one of the thousands of bogus pages used to host such misleading content. You should never trust random pages that immediately ask you to click 'Allow' in order to watch a video, download a file, or to confirm you are not a robot – they are likely to be run the same scam as the one found on

May 3, 2021

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