Remove Pop-Ups

pop-up warning is a malicious website whose contents claim to warn users about potential malware on their computers. The page also spawns dozens of pop-ups, which claim to be from reputable a-virus products, and also report issues with the system's security. However, we assure you that none of the information that hosts are true – this website is 100% fake, and it is being run by experienced scammers.

The pop-up scam aims to fool users into believing that their system's security is in serious trouble. Allegedly, users can fix the pending issues by following the instructions that provides. However, the page's solutions are not free – users are asked to purchase expensive products or services. Scammers usually run hundreds of websites that host pop-ups like the ones seen on The contents of these sites are promoted via shady sites hosting illegal media or pirated software and games.

If you ever see a random site warning you about malware on your computer, you should not trust anything it says. Websites are unable to scan your system for viruses, and pages like are just trying to steal your money by scaring you into paying for useless products and services.

By Ruik
April 15, 2022
April 15, 2022