Avoiding Webdefencerequired.com Pop-Ups

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Webdefencerequired dot com is the name of a domain and website associated with it that may lead to the user's browser being forced to display intrusive notifications and pop-ups.

If you somehow found your way to webdefencerequired dot com, it was most likely through an ad or pop-up served by a rogue ad network. Webdefencerequired dot com itself can be classified as a rogue and misleading website.

When a user lands on the page, they will be greeted with two things. The first and most obvious thing you will notice is a fake warning box, designed to look like the interface of a popular anti-malware tool. The fake warning box will display a scary note and text, informing the user that they have a random number of made-up viruses on their system.

Bear in mind that simply visiting a web page can never convey any information about the full security status of your system and there is no way for a website to know if you have viruses on your system or not. The "infected with X viruses" message is fake and is only there to scare the user into action, clicking on the page.

Along with the fake virus warning message, the browser will also display its standard "allow notifications" pop-up dialog box. If the user clicks "allow" in this one, they will allow intrusive and potentially dangerous pop-up ads and push notifications to be displayed by the rogue site.

Those pop-ups can serve content from rogue advertising networks and expose the user to potentially dangerous pages and questionable content.

The best solution when you run into a website like this is to simply close your browser immediately and not click on or interact with anything on the page to avoid any potential issues.

May 9, 2022